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We are excited to have you visit the VAAMS website! Feel free to have a look around and do not hesitate to make suggestions to the VAAMS Board about any improvements or articles you would like to see featured on this website. Remember this is your website.

Newsletter 2019 - VAAMS VIDETTE - Volume 1 Issue 1 (PDF)

Newsletter 2017 - VAAMS VIDETTE - Volume 1 Issue 2 (PDF)

As Veteran Administrators we are held to a high standard of excellence. VAAMS was birthed out of a need to ensure school certifying officials had a mechanism for consistent training and networking as well as to carry out VA’s mission: integrity, commitment, advocacy, respect and excellence [I CARE]. These are the values we convey when we are involved in the military student's education assistance programs. This is our promise to serve those who serve us.

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